Tuesday, August 4, 2015

End of the Story Match Challenge—Moving Forward

Well, my Story Match Challenge finished on the 2nd August. It wasn’t the greatest of finishes, but I can’t complain. I learned a lot, even if I didn’t manage to complete the 28 stories I was aiming for. I managed 10 new tales, completely finished. With a bunch of stories unfinished, a pile of editing to catch up on, and five titles still in the publishing queue, I think my next challenge is pretty clear.
I think I’ll call it the Back on Track Challenge. The aim is to be back on track by the end of the year. I’ve broken the tasks down into sections and given each title a tentative publishing date. It’s a pretty scary list, and doesn’t include everything I’ve started, but it helps put things into perspective and give a priority work order.
At the moment, I’m defining ‘back on track’ as having everything ready that has a publication date of February 2016 or earlier. The good thing is that this will give me a clear idea of what I can do while at university and what I can do when I don’t have university. The bad thing is that I probably haven’t included everything I need to do, or I’ve overlooked including something on the list that should be in my word calculations, and that I will have trouble succeeding because of it.
So, calculating on 2,000 words a day of publishable writing, this is what I’m aiming at for. The cover design, editing, formatting and uploading will have to be fitted in around the rest AND I still have to keep up with family and university commitments. It’s a pretty big ask.
I will only blog when I hit a milestone, such as completing one of the following tasks, but I will do the usual blogs for new covers and releases. I also need to catch up and keep on top of the art blog. So, a lot to do, and I’m probably aiming too high, again, but we’ll see how it goes.

Design covers for, edit, format, and upload the following:

YANovel26—Pyrie (August 2015)
ShortStory474—Hammer and the Trolls (August 2015)
SciFanNovel1A—Freeman’s Choice (September 2015)
ShortStory479—Miss Delight’s Mistake (September 2015)
Annual25A—C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2014, Vol. 1: (October 2015)
ShortStory480—Tischa’s Rescue (October 2015)
Annual25B—C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2014, Vol. 2: (November 2015)
ShortStory481—Melerom Joins the Dance (November 2015)
Annual25C—C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2014, Vol. 3: (December 2015)
ShortStory487—Autumnal Threat (December 2015)
ShortStory488—In Service to the Pinnacle (January 2016)
ShortStory489—Earth and Lunar Dreaming (February 2016)
ShortStory492—The Taleteller’s Slumber (March 2016)
ShortStory493—A Legacy of Elves (April 2016)
ShortStory501—The Heights of Winter (May 2016)


Annual27—366 Days of Poetry (December 2015)
Annual28—366 Days of Flash Fiction (January 2016)
Annual1—365 Days of Zombies (April 2016)
ShortStory495—The Plain Magician (May 2016)
Annual26A—C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2015, Vol.1 (June 2016)
Annual26B—C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2015, Vol. 2 (June 2016)
Annual26C—C.M. Simpson: Short Stories and Poems from 2015, Vol. 3 (June 2016)
ShortStory61—Seppelitus (June 2016)

New Writing

Chapbook5E—Rocky and the Spacefarer’s Christmas (December 2015)
Chapbook5B—Rocky and the Great Teddybear Rescue (January 2016)
DarkFantasy2B—The Priestess, the Prince and the Dragon’s Children (January 2016)
RomanceNovel1B—Nadine’s Story (January 2016)
Chapbook5C—Rocky Rides the Space Range (February 2016)
YANovel9A—Andromeda’s Pledge (February 2016)
RomanceNovel14B—Sonia’s Story (February 2016)
Chapbook5D—Rocky Touches Down (March 2016)
YANovel1A—Trollbridge Summer (March 2016)
Chapbook14I—Legacy of Hope (April 2016)
Chapbook14J—Legacy of Hearts (May 2016)
Chapbook3B—The Ribbondrake Mountains (June 2016)
Chapbook3C—The Ribbondrake Riders (July 2016)

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Story Match Challenge—Wrap-Up

So, it’s the end of the challenge, and I must say that I’m basically happy with the results, but still disappointed that I failed to complete it successfully, if totally unrepentant. Tomorrow, I will post about the lessons I learned during the challenge. Today, I’m still catching up with my study, so I’ll just give a quick overview.

Stories Completed:

#2 Goal:3,000; Hammer and the Trolls; Final: 3,676
#4 Goal: 2,950; Miss Delight’s Mistake; Final: 6,030
#5 Goal: 1,250; Tischa’s Rescue; Final: 2,078
#6 Goal: 2,400; Melerom Joins the Dance; Final: 4,607
#8 Goal: 1,900; Autumnal Threat; Final: 4,301
#9 Goal: 2,400; In Service to the Pinnacle; Final: 3,402
#10 Goal: 1,650; Earth and Lunar Dreaming: Final: 5,316
#12 Goal: 3,350; The Taleteller’s Slumber; Final: 5,926
#13 Goal: 3,600; A Legacy of Elves; Final: 6,400
#20 Goal: 2,800; The Heights of Winter; Final: 5,146

Stories to be Completed

#1 Goal: 3,000; The Sevarine Sidestep; Current: 2,315
#3 Goal: 4,550; TBA; Current: 1,593
#7 Goal: 4,350; The Royal Starman in the Moon; Current: 2,674
#11 Goal: 2,750; White Pinnacle; Current: 2
#14 Goal: 3,950; A Shaft of Elves; Current: 4
#15 Goal: 1,850; The Magicians and the Silk Road; Current 956
#16 Goal: The Plain Magician; Current: 1,100
#17 Goal: 5,400; Luck Amongst Servants; Current: 329
#18 Goal: 2,600; This Year’s Starfish; Current: 33
#19 Goal:4,400; The Years of Voyage; Current:2,259
#21 Goal:2,400; Memory’s Vampire; Current: 171
#22 Goal: 3,150; Fate in the Sun; Current: 1,653
#23 Goal: 1,250; Cloud Door; Current: 2
#24 Goal: 3,200; Souls of the Serpent; Current: 4
#25 Goal: 2,300; Season of the Starman; Current: 4
#26 Goal: 3,100; Dreams of the Serpent; Current: 4
#27 Goal: 2,700; Lord of the Vortex; Current: 4
#28 Goal:4,450; Ships of the Beginning; Current: 4

Lessons learned:

Plenty, but I’ll leave that for another post.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Story Match Challenge—Day 27: August 2, 2015

Final day of the challenge and I still have lesson prep to do. Word goal is 4,450 and the title should be 60-Ships of the; 94-Beginning. That’s one tricky title. I still have two and a bit subjects to go and an 1,000 word document analysis to go, so I’m not sure I’ll get to it, today.
I think I may have already moved on from the challenge onto the next phase, which I spent much of the morning planning. Now I know how much writing I can do, and that I can organise my day, I just can’t wait to get started. So I think I’ll draw the line early and say today’s a bust—but it’s a bust by choice. I know where I want to go, and what I want to do to get there, and I want to start now.
I think the main purpose of the challenge has been served - even though I didn't realise what it was, when I started: to work out what I could do, what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to go. The challenge has done that, and I'm ready to move on to the next phase, or challenge of this writing life.
Ill-disciplined? Perhaps. But I have stuff to do now, so you can all yell at me later.<grin>

Progress Report: Week 1, August 2015

Lots of university work, this week. I still feel like I’m flying blind and can’t find my feet, but I will get there. Got my release schedule and writing order settled for the rest of the year, and now have to get into it. The Story Match Challenge showed me I could, not I just have to DO. Let’s see how it goes.


New words produced: 2,796
Old words revised: 0
Works completed: 0
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 0
Works published: 0
Works submitted: 0
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 1,378
University Prep and Assignments: 5,196

Publishing Tasks

  • Created 8 blog posts for this blog

New Arrivals 

The following pieces arrived last week and are awaiting completion:

  • ShortStory502—Memory’s Vampire: an unfinished piece;
  • ShortStory503—Fate in the Sun: a science fiction story set in the Sideshift Universe;
  • ShortStory504—Cloud Door: an unfinished piece;
  • ShortStory505—Souls of the Serpent: an unfinished piece);
  • ShortStory506—Season of the Starman: an unfinished piece;
  • ShortStory507—Dreams of the Serpent: an unfinished piece;
  • ShortStory508—Lord of the Vortex: an unfinished piece;
  • ShortStory509—Ships of the Beginning: an unfinished piece;
  • ShortStory510—In Memoriam: a piece of post-apocalyptic fiction;
  • ShortStory511—Because of a Wand: a piece of fantasy flash fiction about a broken wand;
  • ShortStory512—Holiday Misadventure: a piece of flash science fiction about job security;
  • ShortStory513—End of the Day: a piece of flash post-apocalyptic fiction about ending the day well;