Saturday, February 6, 2016

JUST RELEASED: A Legacy of Elves - C.M. Simpson

My post-apocalpytic, dark urban fantasy short story just released. It's available from Smashwords, Kobo, Amazon, Omnilit, and DriveThruFiction in most ebook and PDF formats. It is not yet available in print form, but will appear in future collections.

A Legacy of Elves EBook Cover

The sun was setting and the trolls were out when we discovered the chapel. From the get-go it seemed almost too good to be true, but we needed refuge from the trolls. Between them, the dust smugglers, the pixie and the unicorns, we mighta bitten off more’n we could chew, but if we could survive this little fracas, we just might have found ourselves a home... we really needed a home…

A Legacy of Elves is a short post-apocalyptic story set in a world where civilisation has been all but wiped out by a tsunami of magic, plague and natural disaster. Trolls and other creatures of legend and fairytale roam the land, and human survivors must build a new life, but everything comes at a cost, and some costs are more visible than others.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Progress Report: Week 3, January10-17, 2016

After last week’s change of routine, led to less writing than I’d anticipated, I worked to adjust my routine a little more. I focused on getting 10,000 steps done in the morning, and that worked out all right until the 38 degree celsius day hit. I also found that on days when I took long walks in the morning, I struggled to get into the rest of the day, although this was more due to the heat than the exercise. It’s very hard to write when the temperatures reach 28-38 degrees Celsius (82.4-100.4 degrees Farenheit) or more. (We have no air-conditioning, you see.)
All my walking was done in the very early morning and I made sure I was home by 09:00 at the latest. I did not go walking on the 38 degree day. I am noting an improvement in my health, productivity and alertness, which dropped off after the third consecutive day of not walking, so the walking has to stay.
Also, at the beginning of this week, I made the following decisions:

  1. I would finish the chapter books I had started AND try to finish another two, including the one I hadn’t got to starting last week;
  2. I would still try to write or complete a short story, but only after I’d made a dent in the chapter books;
  3. I would get started on the publishing process for the first book due in March, since that book is going to be another big job, taking up most of a week.
  4. I would try to complete another ten poems and ten pieces of flash for the collections coming out later this year;
  5. I would read at least one of the books of required pre-reading for university;
  6. I would maintain my walking, but would allow a rest day after 2-3 days of longer walks.

And, by the end of this week, I had managed the following:

  1. To walk for 5/7 days of the week with 2 rest days on Wednesday and Thursday due to heat and publishing constraints;
  2. Completed Chapbook5C—Rocky Rides the Space Range from Week 2, December 2015 AND completed its cover, pre-edits, base formats and relevant release announcements;
  3. Completed Chapbook14J—Legacy of Hearts from Week 1, January 2016 AND completed its cover, pre-edits, base formats and relevant release announcements;
  4. Completed ShortStory483—Headlines from the Starman (was The Royal Starman in the Moon): which reached 3,669 words and is currently under submission;
  5. Started Chapbook5D—Rocky Touches Down, including completing the outline and starting the text.

Well, 3/6 and a couple of extra bits, which gives me a better idea of what I’m able to complete, and next week sees a major shift in focus as I prepare to move from being a full-time writer to being a full-time student who also writes.
Next week, I’m going to be aiming at the following:

  1. completing Chapbook5D—Rocky Touches Down and maybe starting another chapbook;
  2. completing a short story;
  3. completing as much of the pre-order editing, formatting and upload of work ready for publishing;
  4. continuing a minimum of an hour’s walk a day with one or two rest days as required

Sounds simple? It probably won’t be, but let’s see how we go.


New words produced: 12,181
Old words revised: 0
Outlines and Notes: 2,146
Works completed: 0
Works revised: 0
Covers created: 2
Works published: 1
Works submitted: 4
Competitions Entered: 0
Bloggery: 2,407
University Prep and Assignments: 0

A Note on Challenges: This week I enacted Heinlein’s Rule #2—Finish What You Start, and made completing the two incomplete Holiday Extension books a priority.

Story-A-Week Challenge Update

  • ShortStory483—Headlines from the Starman (was Royal Starman in the Moon): reached 3,669 words and is now under submission;

Holiday Extension Challenge Update

  • Chapbook5C—Rocky Rides the Space Range: completed at 13,897 words, and now scheduled for release February 19, 2016;
  • Chapbook14J—Legacy of Hearts: completed at 7,800 words, and now scheduled for release May 20, 2016.

Publishing Tasks

New Arrivals

The following pieces arrived last week and are awaiting completion:

  • YANovel28 (Dragons of the First Moon): about Elita and Rocky and the dragons of the First Moon.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

JUST RELEASED: Rocky and the Great Teddybear Rescue

Today, U.S. A. time, the third book in Carlie Simonsen's Otherworld Adventures series releases:

Rocky wakes up from stasis, and realises he’s nearly home, but he hasn’t been awake for five minutes when things start to go wrong. His little sister’s teddybear is missing, and it’s not the only thing. A cat has gone missing from the animals’ deck. And then his sister goes missing, too. Can Rocky find her, and maybe Teddy and the cat, before the ship arrives and all three are lost forever?

Rocky and the Great Teddybear Rescue is the third book in the Otherworld Adventures series, which is set on Rocky’s journey to the new world, where his parents will farm alongside the aliens who have asked them to help.