Friday, August 29, 2014

Books Completed in August 2014

I finished the pre-edit draft of Annual 13—365 Days of Poetry this month. It is on schedule to being edited, formatted and uploaded on time. To celebrate the occasion, here’s one of my favourite poems from the night of completion:

The Fairy and the Pixie Flew

The fairy and the pixie flew,
through the grass tops,
o’er the stream.
Flew they low,
and hard,
and swift,
small wings beating,
hearts a-fit to burst,
to save the goblin king.

Why strove they to save his life,
to bring the light,
back to his eyes?
Why flew they
so hard,
so swift,
hearts fit to burst,
wings fit to split?
Why did the good of fairy kind
strive to save an evil line?

To save the goblin king they flew,
hard and fast,
swift and true.
To save his kingdom, and their own,
to keep the right kings on their thrones
to keep the good,
o’er power to sway,
to keep the evil,
from the day,
the pixie and the fairy flew,
swift and hard,
fast and true.

And saved they the goblin’s life,
preserved his child,
preserved his wife,
and thus was the Dark-Bridge Treaty born
that keeps the trolls in check,
the payment by all goblins sworn.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Books Read in August 2014

Not a lot of reading happened this month—well, not a lot of not class-related reading. Still, I managed to chunk my way through the last Laurell K. Hamilton I own and was pleasantly surprised. This book is something special. Yes, there’s a lot of sex in it, but it all serves a story purpose, and some of those annoying kinks were ironed out—the werewolf boyfriend starts to show grown-up traits, the main character starts to work herself out, relationships are explored and deepened. It’s a book to enjoy, and it’s a book with the added dimension that I was able to learn from it…<sigh> and it’s a book that has made me determined to go out and buy the rest of the series.
It’s also a book, I nearly turned around and started re-reading straight away; there is just so much to savour, so many things the writer does right, so much I should take note of as a writer and apply to my own work.
It is, of course, Incubus Dreams.

You can find out more about Laurell K. Hamilton and her work from: