Saturday, 28 January 2017

PokemonGo - Today's Badge: Backpacker Gold

I've been stepping up my walking lately. Going for more Ingress missions, and pokegoing as I go along. Today, I finally spun my 2000th pokestop, and hit gold with my Backpacker's medal. Cool beans. Not a bad day, then.

PokemonGo - Monster #117: Wigglytuff

Yesterday, I added another monster to the pokedex. This is the kind of Wigglytuff you get, if you don't power-up your Jigglypuff first. It's still very cute.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

New Cover: The Magicians and the Silk Road

And here it is:

Hani is surprised when his wife joins him on the journey to barter for spider silk, moreso when she brings their children. Nothing, however, prepares him for what the children do when they meet the spider queen.

Monday, 23 January 2017

PokemonGo - Monsters #114-116: Kabutops, Vaporeon, and Gyrados

I went for a long walk, today. I needed a break. Tomorrow, it's back into it, again. As well as feeling a lot better for the walk, I managed to catch the following very cool fellow, near a local playground. Perhaps it was working out... Either way, I couldn't resist taking a few shots before throwing the pokeball - and I guess it just couldn't resist throwing a few poses.

And then I evolved these guys. Yeah, I know... should have powered them up first.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

PokemonGo - Pokedex Monster #113

This is the 113th addition to my pokedex, courtesy of evolution - a Weezing. This one is from a Koffing that wasn't powered up, and is part of an experiment, which I'll share in six or twelve months or so, when the data is in.


Pokemon Go: Pokedex Monster #112

Yeah, I know. It's not writing, but I figured you could do with a break from that. Apologies for not remembering to take a picture in the Augmented Reality mode, but here's a shot from the Pokeball. It's a mankey. First and only one I've ever seen, found down at the Kaleen Shopping Centre in Canberra, yesterday at around 08:10 - and #112.

I won't bore you with pictures of the 111 that came before - well, not today, at least, but, seeing as new ones are becoming few and far between, I'll introduce them as I see them - and let you know if they were caught or not.